RadioLink R6FG V4 7 Channel Receiver with Gyro for RC6GS

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* Actual item is latest version V4 which support voltage as low as 3.0V up to 12V. This version is hard to find in the market.
- Compatible with RC6GS, RC4GS, RC3S & RC4G, 8ch T8FB.
- 400 Meters Control Distance
- Integrated Gyro: built-in gyro can keep the vehicle in a straight line, and Gyro sensitivity can be adjusted by transmitter, which fits for drifting and on-road cars.

- Superb Fast Response: high resolution ratio of 4096, stable signal output to provide a fast response for all channels, suitable for rc rock crawler, truck, buggy, drifting, etc.

- Press to Bind: No need old bind plug and any radio setting, only press bind button
for 1 second after power up radio and receiver.

Same FHSS* spread spectrum algorithm as AT9S and 67-channel pseudo-random frequency hopping help reduce overall signal interference.

Green LED - Gyro OFF
Red LED - Gyro ON
Quick press of bind button 3 times within 1 second to toggle Gyro On.
Quick press of bind button 2 times within 1 second to reverse gyro direction.
Instruction manual : Click here

Industrial chip ensures superior anti-sparks interference ability, random sensitivity of gyro will not interfere steering make RC4GS V2 well controlled even oil tanker.

Industrial grade anti-interference ability makes sure multiplayer compete at the same time.

12ms only from the transmitter to the receiver, thus provide control synchronous and performance perfect.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum offers three main advantages: signals are highly resistant to narrowband interference, are difficult to intercept and can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference.

Maximum range is tested in an unobstructed area free of interference.