Tower Pro MG90S Metal Gear 9g Servo 90 Degree TowerPro 9gram

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This is a cheap metal gear servo upgrade favorite by some WPL user as well.

The MG90S is an upgrade of the SG90. Better outputs with more torque and speed than the SG90 and also has metal gears, thus no stripping in crashes! MG90S digital servo is the most popular 9g metal servo in the world. Great reputation for reliability and inexpensive price. Can't beat it for the money.

Features :
Can be used on RC car, heli, boat, and more
Light weight high strength nylon casing
Durable metal gear design
Different servo horn included for different application
Operating speed (4.8V no load) : 0.10sec / 60 degrees
Operating speed (6.0V no load) : 0.08sec / 60 degrees
Stall torque : 1.8kg/cm @ 4.8V; 2.2kg/cm @ 6.0V
Operating voltage : 4.8 - 6.0V
Temperature range : -30 C ~ 60 C
Dead band width : 0.5us
Wire length : 30cm
Orange : Signal PWM
Red : Positive 5-6V
Brown : Negative
Weight : 13.6gram
Dimension : refer to photo
1x Tower Pro MG90S servo
1x Servo accessories bag