Soldering Iron 90W Adjustable Temp with Digital Display & 5 Soldering Tip US UK EU Plug

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If you are new to RC, get a soldering iron! It will be an essential and must have tool for your RC journey. 

Brand : Handskit
Power : 90W (it's 90W, not some cheap 60W)
Adjustable Temperature : 180-480C
Power cord length : ~1.3m
What's included,
1x Handskit 90W Soldering Iron
5x Soldering Tip
1x Sponge
1x Stand
Get other essential accessories together,
👉 Solder (high quality) : Click here
👉 Sucker : Click here
👉 Helping hand : Click here
*** 3 plug types available, please select the correct plug type for your region. 
*** supports 110V input for US and 220V input for UK & EU