SKYRC B6 Evo 1-6S 6A 60W Balance Smart Charger

Regular price $42.90

Genuine Evo version of SkyRC. Not to be compare with the cheap Imax B6 V2.

High quality charger capable of charging 1-6S batteries at 6A top. 

To power the Charger you need,
1. Battery with XT60 connector (sold separately)
2. external DC power supply/adapter rated at 11-18V/4A output (sold separately)
- 1x Genuine iMAX B6 Evo Charger
- 1x DC Input Jack to Crocodile Clip(to car lead acid battery)
- 1x XT60 to Dean connector
- 1x XT60 to wires(for your own preferred connector)
Optional parts,
- to be updated
- Bluetooth dongle to be purchased separately
Instruction manual : Click here