Cheap Gyro for D12 D42 or Any RC Car Boat Ship

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Plug this in between your receiver steering output and servo to get gyro compensation automatically! It's that easy!

- plug and play. no soldering require
- adjustable gain
- gyro direction reverse switch

- Control system: digital PI (proportional integration) proportional integral control.
- Gyro sensor: SMM system vibrating gyroscope.
- Operating voltage: 4 ~ 6V (DC)
- Operating temperature: -10 ~ +45°c
- Material: plastic
- Size: 30.7 × 18.7 × 12.7 mm
- Cable length: 120mm

To use
1. Unplug the servo from the receiver
2. Plug the servo to the gyro and plug the other end from the gyro to the receiver. *please match the white, red & black wires
3. Turn on both the remote and the receiver
4. Do not move the car and wait for the gyro to initialize. LED to turn red.
5. You can adjust the gain and direction of gyro compensation after test driving.