1s 500mAh 14500 Li-Ion battery for D12 Mini

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✈ Shipping included for Zone 1

*for D12 Mini, we suggest getting Max 2 extra batteries per car to avoid getting rejected during security scan.

If you like to purchase this battery, please follow the below terms,

You can purchase if,
1. you ordered D12 Mini or RTR / KIT / KM in the same shipment

You CANNOT purchase if,
1. you order ONLY BATTERY and nothing else in the order, (we will cancel your order without notice as the parcel will be rejected by the courier/custom/airline)

REASON : shipping company allows only "built-in battery" and "add-on battery" only, and will reject parcel with only battery and nothing else.

*** We may open the packaging of your D12 Mini / RTR / KIT / KM to put the battery inside so it looks like it has "built-in battery"

Configuration : 1S

Nominal Voltage : 3.7V

Capacity : 500mAh

Compatible with D12 Mini

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This is the perfect size to hide your battery under the bonnet of your WPL RC!

Dimension : 6cm x 1cm dia.